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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 December Two star. I am disappointed. Read more This rain cover does not have the Graco logo.

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This is misleading. The plastic is very thin.

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Not fit for purpose. Observation: since I got this it has doubled in price! My boy is quite tall but still fits into front seat ol.

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Seat can be extended back a bit to lay flat. Sun hood is irritating as it doesn't fold down flat with seat so toddlers face is in contact with hood when sleeping - doesn't look comfortable! Also when he's asleep his legs dangle and sometimes come into contact with the front wheels and get tangled up.

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  • Marina Rinaldi Donna Oro Tandem Giacca a Vento con Cappuccio TG 14W/23 Nwt | eBay
  • Reviewed in Italy on 6 December Una piccola pecca Un biglietto originale e molto simpatico.

Not good! My girl is an average sized baby now 4 months old her legs are beginning to stick out over the edge of the back seat.

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I am sure that as she gets old and taller she will begin to kick her brother. I think I may swap them around and see how that works.

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Currently my boy sits in front and is quite heavy which makes mounting pavements with the thing quite hard but I myself am a tall strong person. When back seat lies flat for newborn you cannot access storage basket underneath so easily - you have to slide things in carefully from the middle below newborns feet so not a big deal The reason why I bought this buggy is because it actually does tick a lot of the boxes I required: price, easy of use, space for children.

We have a large enough house that it's not too much of a bother to store open downstairs. It's hard to see as it's black.

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I wish this pram came with more colours! All solid black is boring!

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Overall I am mostly happy for now with this pram but I do think I'll be getting a Joie twin pram as the kids get older just because my toddler is so tall and heavy! Hope this review helps, sorry for rambling on I'm writing review on a tandem trading llc one handed while cooking dinner, bfing and trying to drink my now-cold tea L'attacco è funzionale e dopo volte diventa subito un gesto automatico.

Il bimbo rimane libero di muovere i piedi e non si sente vincolato Le plastique est de bonne qualité. Par contre les scratchs sur les côtes pour aérer sont extrêmement juste.

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C'est limite de la radinerie de scratch. Il manque aussi un système d'attache lorsqu'il y a beaucoup de vent car la cape a tendance à se relever. Penser à tandem trading llc le produit et a la faire aérer avant la première utilisation car il sent le plastique. Je suis quand même très satisfaite de mon achat I hate hate hate this rain cover.

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It's enormous, doesn't fit properly, doesn't protect the front passengers feet from rain at all, flaps about in the wind, the seams started to test after the first use, the poppers all broke within two uses and who on earth puts mesh which the rain can get through on a Rain Cover????

The flaps that cover the mesh are held on with tiny Velcro pieces which also came off very early on and so my daughter's get soaked.

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Don't buy this rain cover, it a total wind up The one I received is quite thin, no vents on sides, no poppers. Just what you need. If you want one with a brand name then don't buy this one.

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But if you want one that does the job at a cheaper price then this fits the bill The listing, description and pictures are Gracohowever the product is not. The item you will receive is nothing like the graco one either, no vents, no poppers to attach and very poorly made. When you notify them of this they will send you a stupid message confirming all of this.

Avoid like the plague Prodotto ottimo!

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Facile da mettere e togliere, pratico e comodo, con fori per l'aria comunque riparati. Tra l'altro è l'unica copertura che mio figlio sopporta perchè rimane staccata dal corpo e lui ha libertà di movimento! Spedizione velocissima, è arrivato in anticipo rispetto ai tempi indicati Mi aspettavo una plastica morbida col prezzo che l'ho pagata, mi sono fidata delle recensioni, invece è una plastica dura e difficile da riepiegare!

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L'ho tenuto solo per la prigrizia di non fare un reso! Tandem trading llc per me non va bene! Sono ancora alla ricerca di un parà pioggia morbido per passeggino!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 November Whoever sales this item should be sorry By far the worst way of wasting precioplastic.

This must be the worst piece of rubbish that was ever made. It is beyond me how is still for sale.